New Jersey Casinos Q3 Revenue nandhang sangsara 13% Taun-On-Year

New Jersey Casinos Q3 Revenue nandhang sangsara 13% Taun-On-Year

Ana campuran saka warta apik lan ala ing New Jersey pangentukan industri casino kanggo waktu katelu 2022 diterbitake dening New Jersey Divisi Gaming Enforcement ing 22. november.

Bathi Operasi reged saka New Jersey Casinos Down 13,4% Taun-On-Year
Kasino New Jersey ngalami penurunan bathi operasi reged 13,4% saka $ 310,8 yuta ing kuartal katelu 2021 dadi $ 269,3 yuta ing kuartal katelu 2022.

Iki kontras karo kenaikan bathi net 1.3% saka $ 968 yuta sing dilaporake ing Hongkong Prize Q32021 dadi $ 980.1 yuta sing dilaporake ing Q32022.

However, it was not all gloomy news. The Q3 results actually were better than the numbers the casinos posted during the same period before the start of the pandemic. Something the state’s casinos have been struggling to achieve ever since they started their post-pandemic recovery.

Gross operating profit for the third quarter of 2019 was $239.4 million, which is 12.5% lower than what casinos reported for the three-month period ending on September 30 this year.

2022 has been a tough year with worldwide economic challenges resulting from the rising inflation caused mainly by the war in Ukraine.

On top of that, New Jersey casinos had to deal with a dispute with casino employees’ unions, which eventually led to an increase in wages and benefits, and are currently fighting for a tax relief that was introduced in 2021 in answer to the casino operators’ complaints that they are having a tough time recovering from the blow on revenues and operations by the pandemic.

Individual Q3 Results of the New Jersey Casinos
In terms of profitability, Bally’s AC was the best performer, with gross operating Pragmatic Demo profit growing from $2 million to $10.8 million when comparing Q32021 and Q32022. This marked a major year-on-year increase of 431.2%.

Bally’s success could be attributed to the recent enhancements of the property with new slot games, new rooms, and suites, attracting high-rolling players to the venue.

Borgata, ing tangan liyane, nandhang nyuda pinunjul ing bathi operasi reged, kang mudhun 30,1% kanggo $40 yuta taun-on-taun.

Sanajan entuk bathi paling gedhe ing antarane kasino New Jersey kanthi laporan Keluaran Sidney $ 44 yuta, Hard Rock isih mudhun 4,8% saka $ 46,3 yuta sing dilaporake ing kuartal kaping telu 2021.

Ing babagan pendhudhuk hotel, Hard Rock dadi pemenang sing jelas ing kuartal kaping telu 2022 kanthi 97,9% kamar sing dikuwasani kanthi rata-rata $203.

Pemain paling awon yaiku Golden Nugget, sing mung bisa ngisi 66,8% saka kamar hotel ing kuartal kaping telu kanthi tamu mbayar rata-rata $ 184.